The Wightman Family (part three)

p9220677p9222128p9222167p9220684p9222186p9220693p9220728p9222257p9220741p9222316p9222383p9222406p9222413p9222438p9220837p9220879p9222070p9220886p9220801p9220904p9222483p9222495p9222500p9222535p9222568p9222602p9222702p9222740p9222592p9222759p9222766Contagious excitement right there! I met these guys here at Lennox Bridge 7 months ago for some maternity photos while little Emma was still on the inside. Then we went to the Nepean River for photos when Emma was a tiny baby. It was such a joy to catch up with them again the other day! There’s nothing like aeroplanes to make a little boy smile like crazy, and nothing like watching kids loving life to give parents all the heart eyes.


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