About us

Hi! I’m Carlie Dalitz. I live in the Blue Mountains, Australia with my husband Robby and two small children, Lucinda and Oliver. We love spending time with our extended families and friends, and doing things outside – playing in the backyard, riding bikes, going to the park, walking up to our local café  for a coffee (Robby), chai latte (me) and babycino (Lucy and Ollie)… And I love taking photos and preserving special moments in a beautiful way because these kids grow up too fast! I would love to hang out with you and do some visual storytelling, recording a normal day in your life or special times like pregnancy, new babies, celebrations, outings… Anything that is meaningful to you. Also, if you Instagram, I do too – @storiesfromcascadelane – love to see you there!



One thought on “About us

  1. Hi. Our son Josh Thorpe recommended you.
    We have a large family of 64 people at or near Penrith on 25th January.
    We are looking for something like an outdoor portrait photographer, probably for 2 hours, starting around 11am.
    Could you reply to m.thorpe@ywamnow.com or ph 0438667705 re availability and price please.
    Thank you.
    Mike Thorpe


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